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A go-to-market firm guiding technology sellers in providing more value to clients, leading to increased market traction and revenue. Through experience and research, we've discovered buyers want sellers who do more than only align transactional processes - they seek consultative, creative, and credible partners who understand business and technology. The Buyer Invested Selling approach supports technology firms in meeting these needs.



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Meet The Team

Brett Norgaard
Founder, Chief Go-To-Market Consultant, Subject Matter Expert

Brett is the founder of Buyer Invested Selling. He leads and facilitates client engagements. Brett has a 30 year go-to-market career where he has designed, sold, positioned, and delivered world-class technology-based solutions into many verticals. Two of his managed IT service offerings were accorded upper right Magic Quadrant placement by Gartner. He has assembled a talented and experienced team of practitioners and advisors to deliver results for Buyer Invested Selling clients.

John Goetz
Partner, Consultant, Subject Matter Expert

John is a seasoned sales and business development leader. He is a subject matter expert on digital transformation supported by a 25 year successful track record in data management, AI, and automation with several technology market leaders across many verticals.

Jan Southern
Partner, Consultant, Subject Matter Expert

Jan has over 30 years professional experience as a consultant in the banking/credit union space. She provides keen insight for technology sellers seeking to implement transformative, co-created solutions. She has also consulted and is knowledgeable in the insurance and energy sectors.

Maureen O'Brien Wieser
Consultant, Subject Matter Expert - COO, United Prairie Bank

Maureen is a subject matter expert and practitioner in the banking industry and a contributor to client service delivery. She is adept at analyzing bank performance across all dimensions and identifying priority initiatives. She has held executive positions for three banks in her 30 year career.

Bill Moroz
Consultant, Subject Matter Expert

Bill has a wealth of experience and expertise in the healthcare industry, particularly in driving innovation and delivering value through enterprise solutions. His hands-on experience and deep understanding of the industry make him a valuable asset, both in terms of client delivery and content development. His contributions are likely highly regarded within the healthcare IT community.

Jennifer Waffensmith
Consultant, Researcher

Jennifer leads the primary and secondary research efforts and is responsible for the client service delivery and the portal. She has over 10 years of experience engaged in gathering, organizing, and analyzing competitive and market intelligence via online methods, extensive interviewing, and mystery shopping.

Benjamin Cooper
Web Developer, Data Scientist, AI Advisor - Geospatial data engineer, Colaberry, Inc.

Ben oversees the development of the website, portal and related administration. He is a data engineer, data scientist, developer, and advises the areas of data, data science, and AI.

Vaishali Barick
Digital Marketing Intern

Vaishali brings six years in customer service, sales, and marketing experience. Her areas of competence include email marketing, SEO, digital marketing, and social media marketing. Vaishali made a substantial contribution to FedEx's logistics and transportation division by offering exceptional customer service. She is currently pursuing a degree at the University of Stirling.

Frank Troppe
Contributor, Advisor - Independent Sales Consultant to Korn Ferry, Author

Frank provides guidance to improve the performance of technology-based sales forces. He turns salespeople into rainmakers. He's authored a book on cross selling/up selling. He authored the book Cross Sell, Up Sell - Helping Your Customers Think Bigger published by Miller Heiman (Korn Ferry).

Lou Carbone
Contributor, Advisor - Experience Engineering Founder, MSU Masters CX Professor of Practice, Author

Lou provides thought leadership on delivering co-created experiences leading to superior solutions between buyers and sellers. Over an illustrious career, including coining the term 'Customer Experience', he has been a pioneer, innovator, and practitioner delivering results for some of the most well-known brands in business. He authored the book Clued In: How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again published by FT Press.

Bill Young
Contributor, Advisor - Senior Sales Advisor and Director of Peak Alliances, Pivotal Advisors

Bill's entire career has been dedicated to the art and science of sales. He advises in the areas of sales leadership, revenue generation, business acumen, and the importance of practice.

Chris Turnquist
Contributor, Advisor - Revenue Leadership and Consulting

After providing go-to-market and sales leadership for enterprise and startup companies over 25 years, Chris is now focusing on fractional Revenue Leadership and Consulting. Chris has helped companies build and trust their internal revenue acquisition processes that led to long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships.


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